nCHURCH COUNCIL HAS MADE THE FOLLOWING APPOINMENTS AS PER THE CC PROCEEDINGS NO: 1276 DATED 26.09.2019 FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR WITH EFFECT FROM 26.09.2019 to 25.09.2020 : * Chairmens of the Boards: 1.Mr.E.A.Chandrasekaran - Property Board 2.Rev. D.Anandha Muthukumar - Hostel Board (KNH) 3.Rev.W.Gabriel Jayasingh - Hostel Board (Self Financing) 4.Mr.S.Harting Bose - Elementary Education Board 5.Mr.D.Wilfred Daniel - Secondary Education Board 6.Mr.S.Gnanaprakasam - Socio Economic Development Board. nCIRCULAR BY THE SECRETARY CHURCH COUNCIL, TELC, DATED 24.09.2019 REGARDING FUNCTIONING OF SECRETARY CC, CAMP OFFICE AT CHENNAI: Click Here to open a document nTELC 43rd Triennial Synod - Church Council Election conducted on 6th & 7th September 2019. The following members were elected as a Church Council members for the year 2019-2022. CLERGY : 1.Rev.J.Chelladurai 2.Rev.Dr.J.G.Jacob Sundersingh 3.Rev.S.Samuel Abraham. LAY DELEGATES : 1.Mr.A.Maher Antony 2.Mr.R.Benjamin Jayaraj 3.Mr.D.Wilfred Daniel 4.Mr.K.Albert Inbaraj 5.Mr.R.Thangapalam.


நீர் எனக்கு அடைக்கலமும், சத்துருவுக்கு எதிரே பெலத்த துருகமுமாயிருந்தீர்.
சங்கீதம் 61 : 3

For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.

Psalms 61 : 3


The Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC), a Protestant Lutheran Church of Tamil speaking people. The Church spread over FOUR STATES of India, caters to the spiritual and social needs of people who proclaim JESUS CHRIST as their personal Saviour. The Church has a membership nearly 2 lakh souls and more than hundreds of institutions managed through well designed administrative structure and in conformity with the laws of the country.
            With the history more than three centuries and administrative experience of 100 years, the church is dedicating all its energy and resources for spreading the love of Jesus Christ to the world through its multifaceted spiritual and social missions.

Historical Background

India is a home to the oldest Lutheran body outside Europe. One-third of all Asian Lutherans live in India. Thanks to the commitment, labour, and investment of Europeans. Lutheran Churches have put down deep roots all over India thrive today as a vibrant Christian communion. 1706-The Lutheran Missionary work began on July 9, 1706 by the first protestant German Missionaries Provost Barthollomaus Ziegenbalg and Provost Henrich Plutschau deputed by the Royal Danish King, the Fredrick IV, landed in the Danish colony Tranquebar, a coastal village in Tamilnadu. South India.

1707-The First Chapel “Jerusalem Church” was dedicated at Tranquebar.

1711 - The First Tamil Translation of the New Testament was done by Ziegenbalg.

1713 - The First Tamil New Testament was printed in Tranquebar.

1718 - The New Jerusalem Church was dedicated at Tranquebar,on October 11.

1841 - The Missionary work was taken up by the Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission. (LELM)

1848 - The Swedish Missionaries joined with the LELM.
1887 - The First Synod of the Church was held in Thanjavur.
1915 - The CSM was entrusted with the entire Missionary work.
1919 - The joint venture of the Danish Halle Mission, the LELM and the Swedish Mission led to the formation of the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church. The TELC was constituted on January 14,1919 and registered under the Central Act of XXI of 1860.
1956 - Dr.R.B. Manickam, was consecrated as first national Lutheran Bishop in Asia.
1977 - The Evangelical Lutheran Mission (ELM) became the Mission Partner of T.E.L.C.
1987 - Synod centenary celebrated.
2006 - Tranquebar Mission Ter Centenary celebrated.


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